Avoid unconscious bias and attract diverse talents to your team

No more talk. Our automated platform enables your organisation to skip the resumes, remove unconscious bias and focus on the candidates' actual skills and cultural fit.

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Objective Analyses Empower Diversity

Our platform allows your organisation to look past default resumes to avoid unconscious bias. Through three different, objective analyses, we search for a better understanding of the applicants' beliefs and skills when trying to create a match between the candidate and the team.

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Objective Skill Ranking

Instead of forcing you to screen resumees for certain skills, we ask the candidates to complete a skill evaluation when applying for a position in your company, based on your requirements.

This way, your first impression of the candidate won't be a name or an image - it will be a totally anonymous match score.

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Cultural Fit is Key

In the past, failed employments were often caused by a bad cultural compatibility. Not anymore!

We offer an academically grounded culture test, and we highlight candidates, who are culturally aligned with your team.

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Personality Matters

Personality characteristics play a huge role, when searching for the right match.

Through our own, optimised version of the well-known personality test, DISC, we balance candidates' characteristics with team demands and challenges. And if you already use another personality test, it can be used as a supplement. Who wants to risk fantastic employees in a less than optimal recruitment?

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