Privacy policy and general conditions

Privacy policy and general conditions

By using Talent Attract's website where we work as the link between employer and employee, we are the data controller and therefore we are handling some of your personal information.

Here you can learn more about how we handle your information.

By using our website, you create a profile where you are asked to fill in information to be used in case a potential employer wants to contact you. As soon as you're actively searching for a job, these information will be accessible for said employer. However, you can choose to be anonymous. Then you have to actively grant the company access to your personal information. Maybe the potential employer will contact you and ask for access. First when you grant them permission, they can see your information.

Data controller of your information

As owners of Talent Attract we are responsible for storing your information. We are:

Talent Attract ApS

Gladsaxe Møllevej 23, 2. sal
2860 Søborg
TLF: +45 40724011
CVR: 40311718

We are responsible for storing your information. Our handling of your information is done in accordance with Danish legislation. As data controller of your information we store your information in our system at Talent Attract ApS on the adress above. Our servers are plavced at Digital Ocean in Franfort, The Federal Republic of Germany. 

Data safety

Our task is to store your information in a way that makes you feel comfortable that your data is not accessible by unauthorized parties which means you can use our system with no risk of your information being abused. This means that we have a great amount of data safety which ensures that your information are protected the best way possible. 

Which information do we ask for and how do we acess them?

When you create a profile at Talent Attract we keep your information so you can be contacted by potential companies. We collect: e-mail, name, gender, address, phone and birth date. Your address is used to see how far you live from a potential employer.

You can also choose to do a personality test and a culture test which will be available for the company in which you apply for a job. The same goes for your answers regarding compentences and qualifications to which the company will also have acces. You have the oportunity to upload both CV and application. Those too can be accessed by a company if you apply for a job. Our system can't anonymize your CV. If you upload a CV with personal information relating to an application, the company can view the information in your CV.

If you are invited to do a Case Challenge, your entry will also be accessible for said company.

Your information will be processed confidentially and are only accessible for the people who are a part of the hiring process and by the employees at 360job, and only where access to your profile is relevant. As mentioned before, you are not anonymous to the employees at Talent Attract, but you will remain anonymous to companies if you wish.

If a potential employer wants to contact you, you'll receive a message from It's completely up to you if you want to remove your anonymity. If you're not interested in the company contacting you, you can reject their request and stay anonymous. At no point Talent Attract ApS will release any of your information to anyone else, without your active permission to do so. This is not a part of our process, why that situation will never occur.

This is how we handle your information

When you've signed up with us, we save your information in relation to the jobs you've applied for. Information about your gender, age and area of residence will be used exclusvely to draw statistics about Talent Attract. You will remain anonymous as these numbers are not based on name or other identifiable information. We also collect information to, as previosly mentioned, make sure our employees can contact you. If you wish to remain anonymous, we will contact you and you can decide if you want to be contacted by said potential employer.

Wrongful use of the system

We reserve the right to delete your profile and related information in case of misuse or wrongful use of our system and various tests, including breaking copyright legislation where legal action will be taken.

Sensitive information

It is not allowed for us to register information regarding your ethnicity, religion, labor union, political relations, information about health, sexual orientation, socio economic background and handicap (if any). We would like to stress that you should retain from typing in information of these categories.

If you want to delete your profile

If you want to delete your profile, you can do so yourself at any given time. All you have to do is to sign in and use the delete function. Your information uploaded in relation to an application will be deleted automatically when you delete your profile.

By doing this all information about you will be deleted and is not recreatable. If your inactive on your profile for 12 months, your information wil be automatically deleted. There may be nationally legal rules that state we need to keep your information for a longer time with regard to an application process. In those cases, the legislation of the individual country is valid and will be to find on Talent Attract's website for the country in question. If you sign in to your profile we reckon this as an activity. You will receive an e-mail from Talent Attract shortly before we delete your profile. 

If you want to edit your profile

You can edit your profile at any given time. If you wish to do a new personality test or culture test you can request one from Talent Attract.

What are your rights?

The data protection law includes some rights you can claim to us as data controllers:

As a registered user, you have the following rights amongst others:

  • Right to insigt: You have the right to view the personal information we process in relation to your usage of Talent Attract and get some information on how we process them.
  • Right to correction: You have the right to correct/delete incorrect information 
  • Right to delete or "right to be forgotten": In general you have the right to have your personal information deleted if at least one of the conditions in the data protection law is not met. 
  • Right to limit the processing: You have the right to limit the processing of your personal information if at least one condition is not met.
  • Right to objection: You have the right to object to an otherwise legal processing of your personal data.

If you claim your rights to us and we don't carry out your request, you can contact the Danish Data Protection Agency and receive counseling about your rights and, if desired, complain about us.

Be aware that there might be exceptions to the rights.