We Are Spearheading Reverse Recruitment

Today, the flow of work is continually evolving; the new wave of human resources is working to engage with candidates so the organization can stand out when trying to attract the top talents.

Working from home is already a prevalent occurrence, not a threat to the business or the professions. In the future, the Gold Watch anniversary will most likely be the 5th anniversary. The future workforce will be flexible, adaptable, curious, and most of all, picky. And the job market in hand is no longer local. It's global. The winners are the ones who can attract and hold on the top talents.

Candidates check out businesses with shared beliefs and a culture they want to be a part of. This is what the future workforce is drawn to, not the paycheck or the tangible benefits and economic benefits.

When seeking out the next Superwoman or Superman, most companies still write standard job ads outlining endless essential tasks, standard qualifications, and adding a small lure of free lunch and pensions schemes. And the candidates find it difficult to differentiate them from each other. So who to pick…. And why?

This has inspired us at Talent Attract to spearhead the future of recruitment. Supporting companies attract talent by connecting candidate values and preferred work culture with organizational culture, personal skills with business opportunities, and heartfelt aspirations with company purpose.

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