Cultural Fit is Key

Bad hires are costly for your organization. Beyond wages, any component of hiring, firing, and rehiring costs your company time and resources. This could be the amount that is lost because there is not an employee to generate revenue or the cost of a new onboarding process. All-in-all a bad hire will most like have its toll on your company's productivity and reputation.

One of the underlying reasons behind bad hires is missing cultural compatibility. You need to ensure that employees' beliefs and behaviours are consistent with their employer's core values and corporate culture. An employee who is not culturally adapted will not be obliged to live it. This can create chaos quickly, even if they bring a lot of skill and experience to their craft.

The first step in hiring for cultural adaptation is articulating the values, norms and practises that define your business. When you are recruiting through Talent Attract, we increase your opportunities to achieve cultural compatibility. We do this through our academically grounded culture test, where we highlight candidates who are culturally aligned with your team.

The test is based on the Competing Values Framework. In this model, the corporate culture can be translated into day-to-day operations, and you get a visual image of the corporate culture. This can be done at the team level or at the overall level. To get this insight into the corporate culture (some), the team members and the manager will fill out an Organisation Culture Assessment questionnaire. There are questions relating to the corporate culture today and wishes for the corporate culture in the future.

Once your corporate culture is defined, it is possible to match potential candidates applying for a new position in the team.

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